Girls' Camp Round Uno

10:24 PM

This week was the first week of Girls' Mission Camp (GMC)!

I was planning on going to a staffer's wedding so I was all dressed up in a dress and had my hair and makeup done when I get a migraine and had to stay at camp instead.  Even though that was awful, my family came up and brought me a package of goodies since I wasn't going to be with them for the 4th of July, and Tiffany (a super cool kitchen staffer) took care of me while everyone was gone to the wedding. Like bringing me food...I love food.

Sunday evening Jennifer (wrangler in training W.I.T.) and Olivia (Volunteer Wrangler V.W.) showed up not too long after I did. Abigail (head wrangler) was on vacation for the weekend and wasn't returning until Monday night. So Mr. Steve, Olivia, and I showed them the ropes. We gave them the "grand tour" and explained how we do things.

It was a completely new experience for me...teaching someone to do a job that I haven't completely mastered yet myself. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about it, but it went really well! I prayed before they even arrived that God would guide me to be a good teacher and to ease all of our nerves. Prayer is a powerful thing!

Let's just say that both of them were waaaay better at being a W.I.T than I was! 
I love both of them! They were super helpful and super fun to be around!

There were some ups and downs as always (like golf-cart wrecks and being a littlebittybit home sick). 

But between a being a super hero sidekick ("Scotch Tape Girl") in a funny skit to a wrangler only ride to getting to use a crazy fun chainsaw like tool to cut limbs on trails to amazing fireworks for the 4th it was an awesome week!

I just love my job so much! I love answering the girls' horsey questions and talking to them about how they are liking camp. I love the other staff members so much! We really have become a family and it is so cool to see how far our relationships have come so far this summer!

I can't wait for this next week to start!
Staff picture! :)


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