There's Gotta Be More

10:06 AM

My camp days are over at least for this summer. I'm home now, and it has been quiet a transitional period. Going from 3 square meals a day (plus 2 snacks anytime of the day), to fixing my own food. From getting plenty of physical activity without even trying, to having to make myself do some sort of exercise. From having a worship service every night and a spot in your schedule for quiet time, to church on Sundays and Wednesdays and having to make time for quiet time on my own. From hanging out with people near my same age all day, to hanging out with my siblings.

The life that I have at camp is the life that I wish I had year round...but that's just not realistic. I love my life at home, but I'm ready for a change. I mean isn't there more to life than switching tabs on your internet browser? I'm ready. I'm ready to change everything. I'm ready to hang out with people my own age more often. I'm ready to make time for God everyday. I'm ready to "work-out". I'm ready to take the love from camp and bring it to my church, community, and home.

With this change you might see a couple things different around here pretty soon.

(Speaking of change...I have bangs now! I'll post a picture soon!)


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