1:23 PM

making : music in the shower
missing : my friends that live so far away, the campers that changed my way of thinking this past summer, "my" horse
drinking :  sweet tea, and coffee with lots of french vanilla creamer 
reading : blog after blog after blog
wanting : a phone upgrade
looking : at school work
playing : with this amazing three year old that is growing up way too fast
wasting : time as always
wishing : I was in college
enjoying : writing letters to friends
waiting : for my licence forever
liking : all sons and daughters
wondering : what is wrong with my knee! It is getting better though
loving : having quiet time with Him
hoping : to have a skype date soon with someone I love very much
marveling : at how fast this year is zooming by
needing : a trip to goodwill, to talk
smelling : coffee
wearing : basketball shorts and ratty my favorite t-shirts
following : lsu football
noticing : that my summer tan is fading away
knowing : that I need to enjoy life where I'm at
thinking : about where God will lead me in the next year
opening : my bible more often
giggling : about anything that comes out of my brother's mouth
feeling : ready, anxious

I got this post idea from here :)


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