Painting Rocks - Kids DIY

1:52 PM

What do you get when you mix two bored sisters, a few rocks, and some washable paint? I really fun project! Amelia loves to paint rocks, but she always just paints them one color and nothing very cool. (sorry Amelia) I had pinned this on pinterest just in case such a boring babysitting day should occur. 

painted rock people!
Super cute right? These rocks are drawn on not painted so ours turned out a little different.

these cuties are mine. meet Jack and Jill. :)
 This is one of Amelia's she named her Johanna
This is the whole Rock family. Jack, Johanna, Jill, and little Jacob. We had a J thing going.

I totally recommend this craft for a bored babysitting day because it's fun for the babysitter and the kids!


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  1. I do a bit of baby sitting and will have to remember this it's such a good idea!


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