The American Dream

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My wish is to move out, go to college, keep growing my photography business, find a cute christian guy, get married, have kids, and live happily ever after. Is that too much to ask? I mean, that is the "American Dream" right? That is what is bred into us. We have been taught that from the day we came to the earth. "go to college, get married, have kids, repeat." But why?

Why do we put such an emphasis on education, marriage and kids?

(Joshua looking at his favorite thing out the window...the flag)

I have friends that found out that it was not in God's plan for them to go to college after high school. Is that wrong? Does that make them any less of a person? Does it make them any less intelligent? No! They are just as "smart" as any other person. They shouldn't be thought of as dumb or lazy just because they are following God's will!

I don't have a boyfriend. It's pretty common knowledge. Why don't I? Because I feel that you only need to pursue marriage (date/court) when you are ready to be married. I personally don't think that I, nor any other 16 year old is ready for marriage. I have people ask me and my friends (who also don't have boyfriends) "do you have a boyfriend?". My question to them is "why do you have a boyfriend?" Now I understand that sometimes God does bring the person that you are to marry in your life earlier than others. I'm talking about the people that purposely seek a boy just to say that they have a boyfriend. And that is wrong.

My friends that are in their 20s, people ask them "why aren't you married yet?". I personally am so glad that I don't get asked this one yet. Why does a 20 something HAVE to be married? Why is he/she looked down upon of they are not? Maybe it's not in God's plan for them to get married at all!

The same principles go for having kids.

The "American Dream". What is it's purpose? To make us set long term goals, or to make us un-content (if that is that a word). I am so ready to move out and start "life" all because of this silly idea that all of our lives should go the same way! Most likely by the time I've been at college for any length of time I'll start wishing that I was married, was done with school and popping out kids.

So what's my point...

You 16 year old that can't wait to move out, you 20 something wishing you were gonna have that ring by spring, that person that is married but hasn't been blessed with children yet. Be still. Stop and think. Be content. God has you where He wants you. Let Him use you where you are.

One of the things that I'm really trying to learn this school year that I am where I am at for a reason, and God doesn't make mistakes. I'm really trying to focus on my new life motto...

"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey to get there"  

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts!! I definitely agree with everything you said. :)


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