What I Wore: Fall is Here!

9:51 AM

Let me start off by saying that I have no style. Wait. Let me rephrase that. I have style I just am not real sure how to show it. Thank goodness for pinterest!

(props to the little brother for taking the pic)

The one on the right is pinterest of course and the one on the right is my copy.

hair- messy sock bun
ear rings- gifted
collar shirt- old navy (hand-me-down)
sweater- IZOD (hand-me-down)
watch- gifted
jeans- express (hand-me-down)
flats- shoe department brand

I am so thankful that I have so many people give me hand-me-downs! It's like shopping for free! I am so excited for fall weather to finally take over. I am way to excited about wearing sweaters and scarves!

In other news...I am getting my licence today! *lifts hands while saying whoop whoop* I am so stoked about it! Mainly because there is a brand new little coffee shop that just opened up down town. ;) 

And with that licence, comes a job hunt. 


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