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I bought an iPhone (talked about it in my last post), but I didn't have a case. I was kind of nervous about carrying it around without a case. After I was blessed with a weekend with my best friend, her parents dropped me off at my youth pastor's home. I asked his wife if she had an old case that she wasn't using. I figured that she would have one that just covered the back (I really needed one that covered the whole phone but beggars can't be choosers). She said "Lance (my youth pastor) has one that he isn't using that you can borrow until you have a chance to buy one". She showed it to was an otterbox! Now I have complete protection on my phone until I can buy my own! That was a huge blessing!

I have been needing some dresses for some time now. I have looked at Goodwill several times but the ones that they have are ugly and/or immodest. Wouldn't you know that Mandy (youth pastor's wife) had 5 dresses that didn't fit her that she wanted to give me!!! Not to mention that they are all name brand and cute! hashtagwinning Another blessing!

My friend and her family used to come to our church and then moved out of town and had to change churches. We hardly ever see each other. *sadface* She called me the other day and asked if I would take their family pictures! It didn't take me too long to answer that question! Blessing.

If you didn't know...I'm on the job hunt. I'm really following God's lead. I am being patient with this. The same friend that asked about me taking their pictures called me and gave me some job ideas. She said that her sister-in-law might need some help soon with her business in the next town over. That same sister-in-law, we are doing the photoshoot at her house! Even if I don't end up getting the job (because to be honest I know nothing about it) it is still yet another blessing.

Speaking of being patient, do you know what the pastor's Sunday night sermon was about? You guessed it. :)



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