Early Packages!

12:22 PM

I always want to take pictures without carrying around a camera and use Instagram and vine and check my Facebook and twitter without pulling out the laptop. For the past year I have really been wanting an iPhone to solve these problems, but I didn't want to pay for a data package cause I'm cheap like that. :) I finally decided that I would just buy it for a mini computer and camera and not use it as a phone.

After searching eBay for days on end I finally chose one with enough storage that was in my price range! It said that it would come in Friday, but every time that I tryed to track it eBay said that it couldn't be tracked!! I naturally started freaking out. I contacted the seller and asked her if it had been shipped yet. She replied and said that she had shipped it. I tried tracking it again and it worked! It said that it was in the next town over coming this way! Which means that I was going to get it a day early!! It came in yesterday and I am so glad that I bought it! 

Happy Friday!


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