My Absence Excused...Sort of

11:46 AM

I have tried really hard to stick to my blogging schedule (Mondays and Fridays)...but life happens right? (and now I'm blogging on a Tuesday to make up for it. Rebel!) Okay, maybe I did have time to blog. The truth is that I am in a very transitional time and I haven't had much inspiration. The two have nothing to do with each other besides the fact that they are both excuses.

That's enough...let's talk about what's been going on.

I got my license! finally! I really was losing hope. Nothing drastically has changed though. My parents aren't completely comfortable with letting run wild yet, so for now I just drive to church and camp. 

I purchased a website and domain name! What! What! Go check it out! (  

I found a job! Rather it found me. It is super flexible which means I can work school around it. The pay isn't an absorbent amount, but it should be plenty to tide me over until I get a full time job. And I don't have to work on Saturdays which means that I have plenty of time for photoshoots and fun! God is so good!

I ended a facebook contest that I was running. The winners received some free/half off photoshoots, so I am in the process of booking those before it gets too cold and the hoilday season starts.

Speaking of which...I can't wait for the holidays! I love Christmas so much!

My family and I have been trying to go to every homeschool group event that they put on, but somehow every time something happens or the event gets canceled. Bummer. Maybe this weekend we can go.

I have been LOVING instagram ever since my iPhone came in! (I'll do a post about that friday.)

It's confession time. Ever since I opened my iPhone the day it came in I don't hardly ever use my real camera. :( I feel like a trader to my camera. 

I promise to try harder to keep to my schedule! Oh, and thanks to all of y'all who read my blog. It amazes me that anyone would want to read what comes out of this crazy head of mine! Thank you for that.


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