The Homeschooler That Went To Homecoming

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I have been homeschooled my whole life. One of the things that I have worried about about being homeschooled is not going to school dances. As silly as it sounds, this really has been one of the only letdowns for me  about being educated at home. Getting to pick out a formal dress and hairstyle was so exciting! And I would never get to.

My family and I joined our local homeschool group for the first time ever this school year. When I heard that they have there own kind if highschool formal dance I was thrilled! Although it is quite different than any other schools dances. I figured that would be what I would have to settle for.

I was at church the other day and a friend of mine (who is in middle school) was talking about how his date dropped out last minute and it was 2 days until homecoming. He had already paid for her ticket and everything, he was bummed. An older gentleman in our church was talking to Austin about his dilemma and suggested that he invite me! At first I said no my little sister was having her birthday party the same day and how in the world would I be ready in less than 2 days!!!

The gentleman was talking to my mom after church that night and explained to her that Austin invited me but I couldn't go. My mom then replied "we have moved Amelia's party to Saturday if you want to go". After a little apprehension I accepted his invite.

The whole ride home I kept asking myself and my mom if I was crazy! I mean me a junior in highschool going to homecoming with a 7th grader!! I called and texted my friends and told them. They all thought that I was a little nuts.

Thankfully I had just been given some dressier dresses that fit me well. And my hair, I could just go get that cut at a salon (it needed cutting anyway), as for my makeup...I'll figure it out I mean it's not like homecoming is Friday and today is Wednesday night!!!

I decided to follow through and go no matter what it took. I didn't want to break my promise and besides how many times does a homeschooler get to go to homecoming?

I had the dress now I just needed my hair done. Hmmm...well I needed to go to the dmv anyway to get my licence so I could just get my hair done then right?

Wrong! I drove into town to realize that the local highschool was having their homecoming parade!! Mainstreet was blocked off! Mainstreet is where the hair salons are! 

I managed to go to every single hair salon in that town not a one would take walk ins that day!! And to make matters worse I failed my driving test! Stupid stop sign.

Anywho I get home and I show my mom what I want my hair to look like. It was simple enough. We soon found out that my hair doesn't curl. At all! So my mom tried and tried and tried to fix my hair. Everything failed. 

While my hair was failing I remembered that you had to wear makeup to this thing. I normally wear makeup but not enough for a formal dance! So now I start freaking out. I start texting my friends to see if they can do it. We now have like an hour before I am suppose to be walking out if the door! 

One of the people that I texted was my youth pastor's wife Mandy. I asked her if she was at home thinking that I could leave the house early and go to her house before the dance. She wasn't at her house but rather in the next small town over which Is 5 minutes away!!!

Without me even telling her he was at my house within minutes! Gosh I love her! 

My mom was able to fix my hair and Mandy did my makeup. I was out of the house only 5 minutes behind schedule!

When I got there I was a little bored. I didn't know many people and no one was really dancing. To my surprise there were several people that I knew there and I was so happy! My friend Jolee from camp was there with her date! Austin didn't dance with me, but Jolee did. I had a blast! I am so glad that Jolee and I got to see each other!
Austin and I 
Jolee and I :) 


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