Color Run (A Bucket List Check)

10:00 AM

I constantly find myself going on little adventures near and far...this one was nearer than farther.

I love living out here! Gravel roads aren't hard to find and sweet tea is served with almost every meal. There is however a drawback. There isn't much to do, not events anyway. 

I have always wanted to participate in a color run. It is on my bucket list (which you can view on one of the tabs above). I really don't know why the idea of running 2 miles in the cold of November and being shot at with silly string and colored powder intrigues me so, but it does.

I was reading the parish paper (which isn't anything to write home about) when I saw that there was an add for an event in the next town over. It was a color run. At first I was like "oh", but then my mom suggested Olivia and I doing it together! I was on board then!

Once there on Saturday morning we sat through a short service in a church thanking the veterans for there service. Then we lined up at the starting line (which was also the finish line) and proceeded to warm up. We stretched and stretched. 

When the line was let done and we were prompted to start Olivia tried her hardest to be a good friend and stay with me. Being the slow person that I am she really wasn't having any fun so she asked if she minded her going ahead. I said yes. It took me quite awhile and most the people my age were way ahead of me. 

I of course didn't run the whole time I walked...a lot, but I finished strong and it was so worth it! I had found a few people that I knew at the run and they greeted me at the finish line with bombs of pink and blue powder. 

I had a great time! I strongly recommend doing one.



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