God, The Ultimate Provider

10:00 AM

(My main little man...osito)

I was on the job hunt...I can't even begin to tell you how constantly amazed I am at God's work and timing.

Last month I was really irritated and felt like I was at a dead end. God had just lead me to quit my job and was looking for another one. I knew that even though I would have my licence soon that my parents weren't going to let me drive very far (at least not for a while). I talked to a lady that I had connections with about working for her in her small town deli, but that really didn't go anywhere. My photoshoots aren't frequent enough to really be able to say that I have a steady income. I really just wanted a job! I love working and having something to do.

I was sitting at home on facebook one day and a young lady that goes to my church was asking if anyone knew of a good, honest, housekeeper. I saw that post several times that day and didn't think anything of it. Then a lightbulb came on, a was having an "ah-ha" moment. "I could do that!" "She lives close, so my parents won't mind me driving myself. I really like her. and I could just jam out to Lecrae all day."

I had her number saved in my phone already (that was God). I texted her and asked her if she was still looking for a housekeeper, she said yes. She asked how much I charged. I set a price. Needless to say I have the job. I only work 2 days a month so you can imagine that the pay isn't that intense, but I was oh so thankful for it and considered it a huge blessing. 

As if that wasn't enough God decided to take it to the next level...

I was sitting in my room studying for a science test when I get a text. I could tell that it wasn't anyone important because all of those people have special ringtones. ;) I unlocked my phone and saw that it wasn't a number that I recognized. I read the message. It was from the friend of the lady that I housekeep for. (Who also goes to my church and lives nearby.) She said that her friend told her that I did such a good job that she wanted to know if I wanted to start cleaning her house!!! I literally just stared at my phone. I was speechless. I am going to start cleaning her house too!

God is the greatest provider. I have no bills (besides gas), no kids to clothe, and gosh I still live with my parents! To be honest there isn't a reason why I have to have a job, but God is still blessing me!

My life is at a total turning point. I have a feeling that very soon everything that I thought was going to be is not, and everything that I thought wasn't going to be isn't. If that makes since.

There is so many things that I can tell are going to change very soon, but I have no idea how. All you can do in times like these is to trust Him, and that is just what I am going to do.


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