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I love reading blogs! Reading blogs makes me like a fly on the wall in someone else's life. I thought that I would put together a little list of all my favorite blogs, but before I do that I would like to tell you what attracts me to a blog.

Design...I love graphic design and if your blog looks like junk most likely I won't be staying for very long. I just like to feel "at home" and welcome when at a blog.

Pictures...I love blogs that have BIG gorgeous pictures. Even if it isn't a "photography" blog I still want to see good pictures.

Wording...I love blogs that get you caught up in the storyline. I love blog authors that are real and that blog as if they were telling you the story to your face. Poetic writing has it's place, but I enjoy real talk.

Here are some of my favorite blogs! These are the blogs that make me smile when I read them and get excited whenever I see that they have a new post up.

Allix B Photography 

Ellie Be Photography

These two blogs ^ are written by two very young professional photographers. Not only are they good at photography they are awesome at writing! Allix has an ongoing love story that has several blog posts if you have about an hour go read all of those back-to-back!

He and I

This cute little blog is about a mom, dad, and their one little baby girl. The little girl's name is Ellie and she is oh so precious!

Band of Brothers

This is written by a mom of several little boys with the coolest names! (Finn, Calvin, Olivier, and Twain) They are also really into LOTR which I can totally relate to.

Carrie Logan Photography

I emailed this awesome girl some time back to ask her some advise for an up-and-coming photographer. We became fast friends and we still email back and forth on occasion. She is really young to be the photographer that she is. She is my inspiration!

Simply Abbie

This girl is quite young, but her writing ability is stellar. And she isn't bad at taking pictures either.

We are the Parsons

This blog is written by a husband and wife photography/videography duo. They are basically everything that I want to become as a photographer in their style.

Go add these blogs to your bloglovin account!


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