December is Here? Already?

3:16 PM

I really can't believe that it is December already. It has been such a quick year, but a very memorable one.

I really feel that I should be punished for not sticking to my blogging schedule. Christmas has been keeping me busy with shopping, wrapping, and going on Christmasy outings. I love this time of year! Besides summer (which brings camp) Christmas time is my absolute favorite!

I have a tragic confession...I lost my camera card and converter! Before I upgraded to my 5D I use to lose my battery, now I don't ever lose my battery, but instead my card.

Gosh, I have got to keep up with what darn thing.

So this is why I haven't been posting pictures that are of any worth. Sorry.

I am however going to find that card and have a decent post up soon! But for now you can enjoy some pics from this past weekend in Mississippi with my grandparents taken with my iphone.


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