The Longing

10:20 AM

I am craving Christmas break. I am craving the feeling of knowing that I don't have any obligations but that of spending time with my friends and family and making sure that I get my fill of eggnog (which I prefer to just call nog). 

My grades...they are just there. They aren't bad, but they could be better. I am such a perfectionist that I beat myself up if I get even a good grade. I am really wanting better grades.

Tomorrow I will be attending the camp staff Christmas party. I have been longing for to be reunited with all my camp friends for a while now.

In the spring my family and I are heading out on an adventure...or vacation whatever you want to call it. I am really looking forward to that.

But sadly, for now I will have to finish this day of school out. So here I come English III. AHHHHH! for Narnia!(that was my battle cry.) I am coming to slay you and you will be put to rest until next semester when we shall meet again.


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