Cleaning Out

9:30 AM

The new year has boosted my motivation in cleaning out my stuff. Being that we have a smaller house my room serves as the game room, my office, school room, and clothes-that-need-to-be-put-in-the-attic room. Besides the fact that I have Amelia for a roommate. Needless to say we have to fit a lot of stuff into that room.

I have tried many times to clean out and get rid of junk but in the end I always end up throwing it back into whatever container or drawer that it came out of. This time I refused.

This is the before and after...
Junky right? This is the game storage, the bookshelf, the sewing/crafting storage, and the place where any and all miscellaneous items are put.

I told myself that this had to get cleaned. I was tired of looking at this mess and not knowing where anything was.

It took me a in almost a go through everything and put it all back in in an organized fashion. It is finished and I'm so happy with the outcome.

I moved some of the shelves up or down according to what I wanted to be put on that self. I made a self for sewing, books, games, my photography stuff, and stuff that I am bringing to camp this summer (what else are you going to do with those tons of travel size things people always give me).

I understand that it doesn't look much different, but believe me it is! I have a self for everything with nifty labels. :)
 I added a string to hold my dry erase marker because I never know where it is.
 My high class masking tape and sharpie labels.
This is suppose to be a jewelry organizer, but it has turned into miscellaneous craft item storage.  

 This is my new desk setup...I got a big monitor to edit pictures on now I just have to get the color right.
This is a super cute printable that I found on one of my favorite blogs. (link here) And actually I was running out of ink so the real printable is not pink and blue. 

It feels so good to have an organized space!

G R A C E 

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