Homeschooler at Homecoming Round 2

11:30 AM

On a Thursday night Olivia asked told me that I was coming to see her Friday on homecoming court. Her mom picked me up Friday afternoon and I helped her get ready before. Then I watched the basketball game (because her school doesn't have football) and then the homecoming court. She was great!

Afterward we went to hang out with a couple of Olivia's guy friends at burger king. I had met most of them before at different functions so it wasn't awkward. We talked and laughed and joked until they kicked us out (because it was closing time). In the parking lot we decided that we all should go bowling Saturday before homecoming. They invited me and I said that I would ask my parents. The plan was to meet at the bowling alley and then for them to go to homecoming and Olivia's mom and I would hang out at thrift stores until it was over. 

Olivia and her mom picked me up Saturday and we went bowling. We all had a great time. All three of the guys that came are super funny. It was great. While we were bowling the guys kept asking me to go to homecoming. I told them that that was crazy! I wasn't going to homecoming in jeans and a t-shirt! Besides the fact I hadn't bought a ticket and I didn't have a date!

When the game was through one of the guys kept begging me to go. At this point I thought it would be kind of cool to show up to a formal place in jeans. The idea was just stirring in my head. I finally told him that I would go if he asked someone important at the school if it was okay I would go, because I didn't have a ticket and let's face it I'm in jeans for crying out loud!! He really didn't want to ask the assistant principal so I figured that I would end up on an aisle of a thrift store somewhere and I was okay with that. :)

We all left the bowling alley and were heading toward the place where it was being held. Olivia put on her dress and went in and left me in the car waiting to see if my "date" had gotten up enough guts to ask if I could come. He did! So I went, I went to homecoming in skinny jeans and a t-shirt not to mention my Christmas socks!

It was totally aright though. Jared, who is the "he", had to work on some techy things and so I helped. I love techy stuff. It was really fun just to hang out with new people for a change. Olivia was a little embarrassed that I came looking like that, but what are friends for if not to embarrass you sometimes? :)

I am trying to see how many school dances I can go to before I graduate. hashtaghomeschoolprobs So far 2 down.


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