The Burglars

10:08 PM

Did I ever tell you about the time that we had a burglar? No? Well then, pull up a beanbag and lend an ear.

It was a cold December night. I was babysitting all 3 of the kids while my mom and dad were attending a retirement party for a friend.

Joshua had been put to bed for the night and the rest of us were watching Charlie Brown Christmas. (It's one of our favorites.) We were all sitting around all cozy when all of a sudden we here a loud 'THUD' on the front door. We have a screen door and then a full size door, whatever was making the noise hit the full size door which meant that it had opened the screen door which ruled out any animals. Our dog was growling, and barking, and basically doing everything in his power to tell us of the grave danger that awaited us if we dared venture out-of-doors. We all 3 looked at one another then scurried off unto our parents bedroom. Once securely locked inside the room we called our parents and asked what to do. My dad told my brother to retrieve the rifle and then wait till the intruder...well intruded and then give him a run for his money.

My brother being the overprotective thing that he his quickly pulled the gun from the case and we waited in the room. Amelia finally said "are you going to get Joshua?" That's when it occurred to me that I had forgotten all about him in the drama. I refused to go back through the living room so I settled on watching him through the video baby monitor which was located in my parents room.

My brother finally mustered up enough courage to open the door of my parents room to find that there was no one. We then made a run through of the house still with gun in hand. After finding nothing and hearing nothing we took our previous places and continued to cautiously watch our show.

After a while the dog started barking again off and on. We peered out the closed window blind to see that it was not a burglar at all but rather two smaller size dogs and a dog that you could bring to a child's birthday party to ride instead of a horse!

They had come to meet our dog who always sits on the front step. I have no idea how they reached the front door, maybe the screen door was left locked open like it sometimes is.

My parents called back a little while later and they laughed at the fact.

And that my friends is the time when we had burglars.

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