The Homeschooler That Got a Class Ring

11:22 AM

I have always loved the idea of a class ring, but sadly I knew that I would never have one because I'm, well, homeschooled. I was bummed. When all of my friends started talking about getting theirs I started looking into the possibility of getting a "homeschool class ring".

My mom and I looked and looked and looked for a place that had the options that I wanted with no luck. Although, I was being a little picky...for instance...I refused to have the top say "home education" and I wanted one side to have an attractive photography picture. Finally my mom found the store. It had every option that I wanted and it was way cheaper than everywhere else we had looked. This is the site to the store.

The top says "Soli deo Gloria" which is Latin for "Glory to God Alone". The stone is an amethyst (which is my birthstone) and it has a Flur de lis under it. A Flur de lis is a symbol for the trinity, and is also a Louisiana symbol. The left side has a camera with a shutter around it and a banner that says "photography". It says my first name "Adelynn" at the top. The right side is a picture of a cowboy with his horse kneeling at the cross. It says 2015.

I love it so much! It is everything that I could have hoped for in a ring. I promise that I didn't get paid to say this...but if you are a homeschooler and want a class ring buy it from Dunham! They were amazingly fast, (and that's saying something because I am an impatient person) cheap, and wonderfully made! I can't wait to take senior pictures with this ring!

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  1. That's awesome!! What a pretty ring!! I'm going to have to look into maybe getting myself one. :)

    1. Thanks! Their site isn't as "high tech" as some, but they are good quality and way cheaper than anywhere else!


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