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This is going to sound silly, but when I was in 8th or 9th grade I used to be really depressed that I would never get to go to prom. It sounds funny now, but when you are a homeschooled kid just entering highschool that is a big concern. I mean that's what highschool is about right? I was so worried about it that my mom and I had a big long discussion about how prom was even invented and that it really wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. By the end of 10th grade I had just learned to accept the fact that I would never get to go and being sad about it wasn't going to help...

Looks like all that worrying was in vain...and looks like I'll be going to prom after all! :)


OH, you want to hear the story behind this? :) Here it goes.

This is Jared. Yes, he is the same guy that I went to homecoming in jeans and a t-shirt with. Anyway, we (Olivia, Jared, and I) took the ACT a couple saturdays ago. After the test was over we had planned to go to taco bell after to eat (because that test makes you hungry!). Olivia's dad picked Olivia and I up and drove us to meet Jared there. 

Olivia and her dad ordered and then I ordered. The cashier was new and had ran out of change so I stood in line 10x longer than I should have. While I was in line waiting I watched Olivia sit down next to a guy in a banana suit. Then I realized that it was Jared. I really didn't think anything of it besides "wow. he is trying to embarrass us all, or act stupid or something". I just continued to get my order and then I proceeded to sit down next to Olivia and banana man. Before I could finish the sentence "what's up with the banana suit?" or pull my chili cheese burrito out of the wrapper he whipped out a neon yellow poster. I was so thrilled that I completely forgot to give him an answer! Needless to say I finally said yes after he said "well, can I have an answer?". 

I never dreamed that I would even be asked to prom, much less have a production put on over it! I am so excited!

For reals this time :)

G R A C E 

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