Sneaux Day! 2014

5:58 PM

They told us it would snow, the weather people that is, and to our luck that's just what it did. Down south we get very little snow if any at all. So when it is forecasted to snow we are sure to be excited about it. Everyone was one facebook, twitter, and instagram posting their cliche posts about how excited they were that it was coming.
My mom was so excited she stayed up most of the night waiting on it to start coming down. In the morning all five of us that actually slept woke to a beautiful white blanket of white. A thin white blanket, but I blanket no less.

My parents always lay out a tarp on the ground outside when they hear that it is going to snow that way we can make a "clean" snowman.

We had a blast throwing, eating, and frolicking in it.
 ^^and this picture is my favorite from the whole day :)^^

I hope that you are staying warm where ever you are!

G R A C E  

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