Into Nowadays 3.21.14

10:00 AM

or hair. :) Ever since I've had to look for prom hairdos I have really gotten into dressing up my hair a little more than I used to. I have to wear my hair up for work so I didn't think that there was many options to "look cute", I was wrong! Their are TONS of things that you can do with your hair while in a pony! I just need a little more practice cause I'm not very coordinated.

Spark Notes.
I had heard college kids talk about this before, but I had never really used it. It is SUPER helpful! I had to read "Our Town" the play for school and Spark Notes really helped me grasp the whole concept. and I aced the test on it so...yeah!

Being Crunchy.
Just kidding. What I meant to say is planting a garden. My family planted one once when I was really little, but we haven't planted one recently. I decided that I would take on the challenge and plant one this year. It is turning out really nice. I'll have to do a tutorial on it soon!

I have my dress, I've picked out what kind of hairdo I want, I ordered his batman bowtie, I've got someone lined up to do my makeup, all I have left is getting my shoes!

This weather and swing-sets.
It is really starting to look like spring! I'm so happy to be able to wear shorts!! I need to start working on my tan.

My parents just purchased a swing-set for the kids, but I'm pretty sure that I use it more than they do. hashtagnoshame



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