March Goals + February Fails

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This 2014 goal system that I have made is really helping me stay on task with my life. It is so easy for me to forget what I have to do and then waste the time that had to do that task. The goal system keeps me organized, focused, and engaged with what needs to get done. I have a printable calendar that I print out a month at a time and tact to my bulletin board. This way I see it every time that I leave my room. I also keep my monthly goals there for the same purpose. I have my weekly goals posted on the side of my dresser by my bed, because I'm mostly in my bed to do school and things it is most helpful to have my weekly goals there.

February Goals

study/take ACT 
I did study for this and take it although I wasn't very pleased with my score.

read "the meeting place"
This didn't happen. Did I have time to read it? Yes, but sadly I didn't even open it.

I have an accountability partner now which makes making myself exercise so much easier! I have been exercising every day for almost a week.  

stay positive
I did this!! Since I have learned how to be content I have been a more positive person.

spend more time with Him
I did this more than January, but you can never spend too much time with Him. I still working on it. This will always be a work in progress.

My business goals for February were :

have a business meeting with myself
I re-emphasized my brand and what I want my business to be.  It was good to get all my thoughts down on paper. 

start casting call
I did do this...and I have a couple prospects, but I don't for sure have that perfect couple yet.

For the most part I accomplished all my goals which is awesome! I'm so glad that this system is working for me. Now to my...

March Goals

read the whole book of Proverbs (a challenge from my pastor) 

take more pictures

read "the meeting place"

exercise every weekday
run for 20min + pushups + sit-ups + arm pulls

study for the next ACT in April

get/order prom stuff
hopefully I'l get my dress soon!

Business Goals

have another business meeting with myself

finish setting up a couple photoshoots that are in the works

make/order new business cards

Does the goal system work for you? Try it out!

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