Into Nowadays 4.28.14

10:30 AM

Tanning: No, I'm not laying out and getting skin cancer. I've just been staying outside a lot which mean that I have a nice tan already and it's only April! I'm really more excited than I should be about that!

This hobbit also has a cute little farmers tan. :)

Doctor Who: I am happy to announce that I am officially a Whovian. I love the show so much! 11 is my favorite. Matt Smith. *swoon* River and him are a-dora-ble!! Sorry for that fangirl moment. 
Reading: I said in a previous post that I had found a gem of a library. I have been reading my little heart out ever since then.
Ingrid Michaelson: I found her through pandora and I can't stop listening to her! Her voice makes me happy.
Hammocks: Ever since spring has hit I've love going outside and just chilling after work. I could lay there for hours...that's probably how I got a tan.

What have you been "into" lately?


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