10:30 AM

I can't do hair and when I say that I mean that I can't even braid my own hair! Getting someone else to do my hair was a must! Our new preacher's wife is really good with her daughter's hair so I asked her if she minded doing it for prom and she said yes! I love how it turned out!

As for makeup, I don't wear much. I don't even wear eyeliner except on special occasions. I asked around on facebook and ended up getting a friend of mine that used to go to homeschool group with me. The best part was that she came my house to do my makeup! How great is that?

I was spending the night at camp a couple months back with two of my friends (we were all working that weekend in the kitchen) I told them that I was going to need a dress. One of my friends that is almost my size said that I could borrow 3 of her dresses! I ended up meeting up with her before prom and tried them on...they fit! 

The actual night of prom was great! They had great food, entertainment, and fellowship. The school is a smaller christian private school so I know most of the people there. It is so neat to be able to take part in most of their school events without actually going to school there. 


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