The Truth About Introverts

10:30 AM

I'm an introvert. There's no doubt about it. I knew that I was one, but it wasn't until I watched a video interview with a writer (who happens to be an introvert) that I finally realized that what I am isn't weird, abnormal, or even different. In fact most of the most people are introverts. I used to think that being an introvert was something to be ashamed of I've grown up since then and now know that it is something to embrace.

If you are an extrovert than you probably don't understand why we are the way that we are, or why we do what we do. I'm here to give you a little insight to how our brains (well mine at least) work.

I am a extreme thinker. I am always thinking, dreaming, creating, and wondering in my mind. I can sometimes be an over-thinker. Even if it seems to you that I'm just not talking/or shy I am really thinking my little heart out.

I can only have so much of people. I love hanging out with my friends, but I would rather have a smaller gathering with my very best friends than I would have a blow-out party with a bunch of people that I don't really know. When I have to be in a situation with a bunch of people especially for long amounts of time I have to make time to get away all by myself and just. be. Be quiet, be alone, and just think. When I was at camp last summer I had to be around gobs of people all the time, I had to make time to get away even if it was just for an hour or even after every one else had gone to bed. I had to make that time to be alone, because if I didn't I would have lost my mind!

So the next time that you have to be around an introvert remember, even if they aren't talking they are in depth thought, and give them their space, be understanding when they ask for alone time.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

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