Why I Blog

10:30 AM

I blog because I can't contain my thoughts. They come to me speeding down the freeway of my brain and there's no stop sign. They come at me sometimes all at once and there is no way to catch them to bottle them up and save unless I write. I blog because it makes me realize that sometimes the problems that I thought were huge seem so much smaller after they are written out. I blog because it relieves my stresses of the day. I blog because every year after I've grown  little I reread the posts from my past. They remind me of who I was and how much has changed. I blog to stay focused and to hold myself accountable. I blog because it's how I cope with losses. I blog to share my joys, and accomplishments. I blog to remind myself of how small I really am, and that God is ultimately in control.

Why do you blog?

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