This Fru-GAL's Finds: Easter Dress

10:30 AM

Let's face it, I'm cheap. I prefer the term...a fru-GAL. :) I LOVE thrifting! It's like hunting for buried treasure! Goodwill is the bombdotcom and is my absolute fav.

Picture this...3 days before don't have a dress...and you only have a couple hours to shop for one...AHHH! After I got off work I traveled to town and things got serious in Goodwill. I searched and searched until I found the perfect dress! and I ended up getting some other cute clothes too!

Easter Dress: $5.50
 This is it!! It is what I like to call tardis blue. It is sweet and simple and feels like a t-shirt. I love it!

shirt: $3.50
I found this cute shirt which is perfect for Joshua's adoption party that is coming up! The party is a nautical theme so this just ties right in with that. 

shirt: $3.50
I'm addicted to plaid. There. I said it. I have 8 plaid button-ups as of right now. They are perfect to wear to work so that's a plus and they just make me happy. :)

shorts: $3.50
I was in need of some new shorts for summer. I literally only had one pair. I found these and fell in love! They are super comfy, cute, and have a drawstring which is great for me because I can't ever find shorts that fit. They are the perfect length too!

Happy Thrifting!


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