An Unplanned Road-trip

10:30 AM

Two weeks ago I wanted to do something for a week. I ended up being off of work for a week which was a huge blessings in and out of itself. With that week free I wanted to have an adventure! And that's just what I did.

My pastor's wife and her three kiddos were taking a roadtrip to Florida to visit family and friends and they asked me to tag along. Who could say no to a free ride to the sunny skies of Florida?!

Me being the planner that I am, it usually takes me a while to make a list of things to pack, and then lay everything out, and then pack it all up. For this trip though...I had to pack on short notice. There was no planning. at. all. It was quite a change for me, but it was good for me.

Our time in Navarre was amazing! The beach was incredible, and I can't even describe how great the relaxation time was!

We went to one of their friend's houses and they have a house on the bay...with a place for pictures ever!

 We went to the playground/skatepark and had a blast! Turns out I'm not to shabby with a skateboard. ;)

My first starbucks trip ever!

After the beach you have to get a snow-ball.

 I saw Maleficent with these guys! Short Movie Review: great makeup + predictable plot. It was a very good flick.

I am such a sucker for a sleepy baby face. He is so precious.

I was so thankful for a anything-proof iphone case on this trip because I could get shots like this!

I came home with tan skin, salty hair, and sand in my suitcase.

G R A C E   

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  1. So, we just rented a moped from Pensacola Beach last week and drove it (30 mph) to Navarre. I didn't even know Navarre was there.


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