Into Nowadays: 06.23.14

10:30 AM

Reading. Oh my goodness! I have been reading like a crazy person! I read one book in 6 hours straight! You know that you're a nerd when you and your librarian are on a first name basis.

Making Bracelets. actually I'm not really "into" this one, however I did spend I very long time making this one as a prayer reminder.

(don't judge my ghostly white hands)

Embroidering. I've told you before that I opened an Etsy shop, so I've been embroidering a lot lately.

Goodwilling. I hate shopping, but I love goodwill. Something about having to search for what you want. It's kind of like a treasure hunt. I've really been enjoying going there.

Meeting new people. I've noticed lately that I'm turning into a people person. I think working in a public place helps. Anyway, I love meeting new people and learning there story. I'm learning that it doesn't take much effort to start a relationship with someone.

What have you been "into" lately?


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