This FruGal's Finds: 5 Books and a Ugly Skirt

10:30 AM

 I took a trip to goodwill with one thing in clothes. I seriously have been wearing the same skirt and switching out shirts with it every sunday! I was in there for just an hour and found all this stuff!! That is my new record! 
 2 CDs : Coldplay and The Dixie Chicks $2.49 each (That's like the same price as 2 songs on itunes!)

They have a deal at my local goodwill, 5 books for $0.99! So these were a must!
 I seriously jumped for joy in the dressing room when this actually fit me! I have been wanting this shirt for a while. They are sold at all the local boutiques for $30! But I grabbed this baby for $3.49! Booyah!
 I found this skirt and I don't know why I like it, but I do. One part of me says "that is the ugliest thing that I've ever seen" and another part of me says "I like it" we'll see. I got it for $3.49
I got this American Eagle shirt for $3.49

I got this dress for $4.99

I got a great haul! and I can't believe it only took me an hour!


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