3 Tips on How to Take Family Vacation Pics Like a Pro

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My family and I go on a vacation every year. We have been to the beach, the mountains, disney, and almost everywhere in between. I am always the designated photographer on these kinds of trips for obvious reasons. :)

sidenote - you don't have to have a "professional" camera to get pro results. I have thrown in some pictures that I took with a point-and-shoot (before I upgraded) to prove this. Those pictures will be marked with *.

It took some time for me to realize that we are taking this trip as a family, so we need pictures of us being a family. We don't need one thousand pictures of flowers, mountains, and the waves. Which brings me to my first tip for taking family vacation photos like a pro.

Tip 1: Keep the family in the family vacation photos.
It's good to capture images of the view because that's something that you'll want to remember. However, it is also just as important or even more important to capture the faces of the people on your trip. How did they react to views like these?

(arkansas natural bridge)

(look-out point at college of the ozarks)

Tip 2: See things through their eyes.
You're not the only one on this trip, so change your perspective. Get down on your little one's level. Help them to remember the way they saw things on these adventures.

 Help them remember that once they thought that dandelions smelled good...

*showing off was cool...
(fort pickens, florida)

and that just because you're a girl doesn't mean that you can't play with toads.

Tip 3: Dress accordingly
My family and I wear coordinating outfits everyday on vacation so that when we have an opportunity to take a family picture we look "put together".

 *(perdido key, florida)

(smoky mountains, north carolina)

(gulf shores, alabama)

(look-out point at college of the ozarks)

I hope that these 3 tips will help you to capture amazing images that your family will cherish in years to come.


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