July Goals + June Fails

10:30 AM

My June goals were simple. Things that I figured would be easy to get done. I set the bar really low. And yet I still didn't meet all of them. That's pretty pathetic. But I'll do better this month right?


work on summer bucket list  I did get a head start on getting the list completed
work on Khan Academy I need to work on Khan Academy to try and increase my ACT math score. I did it
work on Shelby's blog   My cousin is starting her own blog and I designed it.
write/send letters to  camp staff
get ahead on blogging - I really wish this was done, but here lately I've been in a writers block.
print pictures out for scrapbook - I never got around to this.


buy car - I am so excited about my car! More details on that soon!!

master interstate driving - because I'm country 17 year old and I don't ever need to drive on the interstate, but I'll need to know how when I go to college.

learn/practice songs on the piano

go hog hunting

put more stuff on my etsy store

write more letters to camp staff


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