Meet Aragorn

10:30 AM

I was 16 year old with a freshly printed drivers licence in my pocket. I had the ever increasing urge to go. Not to a particular destination, I just wanted to go. Freedom was a thought that was constantly running through my mind .

My parents told me that I could use their extra car until I could buy one. I was thankful. It was a blessing to be able to drive myself to work, and go anywhere without bothering my parents to drive me. But, the car had some issues. The paint was chipping everywhere, the binker was temperamental, the mileage was knocking 300,000 , and let's just say that driving with the windows down didn't help with the Louisiana summer heat. 

I promised myself a long time ago that unless it is an extreme situation I WILL NOT go into debt. I didn't want to have to have a car payment hanging over my head. By the time I turned 17 I had a job and I was saving just about every penny, but I knew that it would take me nearly forever to save enough for a decent car. I prayed "God, please let a car fall in my lap, because we both know that I can't afford a car".

After I had been saving for a while I got a call one day. It was my grandma. She said that her and my grandpa wanted to give me some money to go towards my car! I was shocked! I was thrilled! It was totally unexpected. The amount wouldn't pay for a car all by itself, but it would help out.

A few more weeks passed and I was at work. I was telling my coworkers and boss that I was going to have to get a different car soon because mine was falling apart. My boss told me that a mutual friend of ours was going to be selling her car soon and that I should ask her how much she was wanting to sell it for. 

I called up my friend Lynsey and asked her how much she was selling it for, it was exactly in my price range!! Talk about a God-send! But, I couldn't get it right away because she would need to buy a her family a new car first. So I waited...and waited...and waited.

While I waited, I wondered if this was the car I was suppose to get or not. I was so tired of driving a non-air conditioned car in the 98 degree heat. But, I waited. 

About 3 months later my phone rang. It was Lynsey! She had bought her car! All my waiting had payed off. I was going to have a car. I was going to BUY A CAR! It was going to be MINE! And now it is. All the glory goes to God!

I was seriously on a high after I bought it! Just to know that you worked your butt off, and saved like a crazy person to be able to purchase such a great car! It is an amazing feeling!

Now I am the proud new owner of a Toyota Camry 2003! I named him Aragorn. Yes, from LOTR. 
Here's some pictures of him for all of you non-LOTR fans.


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