Our 4th

10:30 AM

We started the day with a plan...but as always the plan was changed. 
We planned to go to two different festivals both were in the same town. And we did that. What we didn't realize though, is that the festivals didn't have enough to do to keep us entertained the whole day.
 So instead? We went exploring. 
We found new things in places that we had been a hundred times but had never noticed them

 Like this super cool run down building without a roof. 
Which was great for taking a few portraits of an uncooperative little brother. 

We went antiquing, driving through an animal refuge, and got lost in places that we thought we knew.

We came back to the festival for the last part of the day. 

 The kids really enjoyed the inflatables.

 What's the 4th without watermelon?

Her smile is my favorite.

 Lemonade and fireworks are always a good combo.

I made a little video of our day. :)

How was your 4th?


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