August Goals + July Fails

10:30 AM

July was not that eventful, yet I still got nothing done. July was my "it's-summer-so-I'll-just-sit-around-and-do-nothing-all-day" month. That's lazy of me I know. So here my fails are...

1. buy a car  DONE!
2. master interstate driving - I did practice driving on the interstate, but master would not be the word I would choose to describe it being that I took the wrong exit not once, but twice!
3. learn/practice songs on piano - yep. didn't happen
4. embroidery/put more stuff on etsy - also didn't happen
5. write letters to camp staff  DONE!

1. stay on top of school work 
2. exercise twice a week
3. quiet time EVERYDAY
4. start a savings fund
5. edit emily's pictures - a friend of mine recently went to Africa and she wants me to edit a couple of her pictures
6. write "thank you" card
7.finish new blog layout for business blog
8. make a video


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