Dorm Room Essentials for the Adventurer

10:30 AM

It hit me that next fall I'll be spreading my wings and heading off to college. That's crazy for me to think about! I'm a big time planner, so naturally I've already started a pinterest board for all my college/dormy things. 

I'm not one for polka-dots or damask, I like things very simple, clean, and minimalistic. With that said, I've put together a list of dorm room essentials for the avid adventurer.

1. I found these super nifty storage containers at H&M Home. (They also have some really neat and inexpensive pillows, bedding, and things to spruce up your space.)

2. This vintage Yellowstone travel poster is from All Posters. (Society 6 has some really cool posters too) 

3. Every adventurer needs coffee to keep them going. This colored Keurig is perfect for any dorm room or apartment. You can get them lots of places, but this one is from Amazon.

4. Write down all of your college adventures in this adorable little travel journal. You can get it at Barnes and Noble.

5. No one can ever have enough throw pillows! Look through millions of designs at Society 6. (here is the link to the arrow one)

What are you decorating your dorm with?


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