Just Say "No"

10:30 AM

A couple years ago I would say "yes" to anything I was asked to do. To babysitting, to nominations at church, to odd jobs, to everything. I would end up getting so much on my plate I wouldn't remember all that I had to do. I would end up letting someone down unintentionally. 
Since then I've learned from my mistakes. So the other day I was approached by two ladies from my church, they asked if I wanted to be on the flowers committee (yes, we have a committee just for flowers). I said "no". I really wanted to say "yes" because I hate letting people down, but my goal this school year is to get my priorities straight, and flowers aren't on the top of the list. 

My priorities for this school year (in no particular order) are...God, my family, school/ACT/college prep, my church family, work, my friends. That basically fills up every waking moment of my day.

My advice to you if you have a hard time saying "no" is to realize that NO ONE can do it all. If your plate is full don't do it. Know your priorities and keep them in line. It's okay to say "no"

That was just a small thought.
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