The Truth

10:30 AM

I always post about the exciting, pretty and happy things in my life. Today however, I wanted to tell/show you some of the ugly. 

The truth room's a wreck, school stuff is everywhere, the clothes tornado came through recently too. Seriously, this isn't pretty y'all. 

The truth is...I'm using my bookshelves as a closet and my dresser drawers as bookshelves. 

The truth is...the inside of my car looks almost as bad as my room.

The truth is...I have 55 Latin root words/prefixes/suffixes to memorize by tomorrow, I also have a history test that needs to be studied for ASAP, I need to be reading my science textbook, and studying for the ACT.

The truth is...I should be getting ready for work instead of writing this.

The truth is...I'm not always "put together" and my life is a beautiful, wonderful, crazy mess.


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