Amelia's 9th Birthday Party

3:00 PM

Oh Amelia, where do I begin...

You are sweet, kind, and overly-forgiving. You're generous, loving, and your laugh is contagious. You inherited my sense of humor and for that I will always be happy. I can't believe that you are already 9!! That's crazy! (I hope that you'll forgive me when your 20 and I'm still calling you by one of your 100 nicknames that I've given you.)

This weekend our family and Amelia's best friend went to two historical plantations to celebrate Amelia's 9th birthday...but on our way we found the wienermobile!

(I had to take a picture too!)

Amelia is in love with Laura Ingalls and Little House. She loves the books and the TV series, so she insisted on having a "Little House on the Prairie" birthday party. (This also explains why they are both in Little House costumes)  

 The girls had such a good time playing with their free fans they received from one of the plantation actresses. 

They are such good friends.

Sorry all you spider haters, but it's only a banana spider and I couldn't help it. I am in awe of God's creation!

Here is more of God's amazing work...


The girls enjoyed getting to walk around the gardens and tour the houses.

We had a great time celebrating with our favorite 9 year old.


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