August Fails + September Goals

10:30 AM

August was super busy for me. I started school, my new job and I finished up a photoshoot. I've literally been running non stop. I did manage to mark a pretty good bit off of my goals list.

August Goals:

stay on top of school work  Sometimes I would be a day or two behind, but I would always catch up before the week was over.

exercise 2xs a week.  no, sadly I still have wimpy arms

quiet time everyday. I did try, but yet again it didn't happen everyday. I'm still working on this one

start a savings fund.  I went to the bank and they told me that I can't get one. so whatever.

edit emily's pictures. Yeah, this didn't happen

write "thank you" note. This did happen!

finish up the photoshoot. happened

finish new blog layout.  happened!!

make a video. happened!

I was pretty pleased with all that I was able to mark off this month. Let's get to this month...

September Goals:

quiet time everyday

make a video

brainstorm new blog post series. I'm really excited about this one!

stay on top of school

bake something

I will probably come up with more as the month goes along, but for now that's it.

What are some of your goals this month?


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