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This is a conversation that went on in our house the other night between my dad and Amelia (9)...

Dad: Amelia you need to go feed the dog, because you haven't fed him today.
Amelia: But I don't like going outside when it's dark.
Dad: Then you should remember to feed him during the day.
Amelia: But I have so much to do during the day.
Dad: Like what? Watch "I Love Lucy"?
Amelia: Like, watching "Little House on the Prairie" and "I Love Lucy", and worrying about if I have a test today in school work.

By the end of this last statement everyone in the house was cracking up. She can't remember to feed the dog during the day because she has to watch tv and worry about third grade school work!

To everyone in the house (besides Amelia) we knew it was silly of her to use those excuses because she's a third grader. We know that she does have time to feed the dog during the day, and even if she didn't, feeding the dog is more important than watching "I Love Lucy". This got me to thinking. How many times do I do the same thing to God? God says "spend time with me" and I say "not now God", "I'm too busy God", "maybe later if I have time God". Like Amelia, those excuses sound legitimate, but to God they sound like Amelia's excuses did to us.

To be honest I've been struggling with this lately. I know that I have time to spend with Him, but I always end up making excuses. I'm trying to make spending time with my Creator a top priority.


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