10 Random Things About Me

1:21 PM

Today is day 4 of the "Feel Good Blogging Challenge"! I'm so excited for this day's challenge because it's "10 things people probably don't know about you". So here it goes...

1. My hair is actually wavy, but I don't know how to style wavy hair so I straighten it almost every day.

2. Freebies are my love language.

3. My love language is actually service.

4. My little brother and I like to make Youtube in our free time.

5. I hate shopping.

6. I just recently got over telephone phobia...yes that's a real thing.

7. I just joined my church choir.

8. I usually wear mismatched socks if I have to wear shoes.

9. If shoes aren't required I'm usually barefoot.

10. I just bought a skateboard and I plan on learning how to ride it by next fall when I go to college.

There it is, 10 thing about me. This was fun!

G R A C E 

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