How to Organize Your Life

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So here we are at a late day 3 of the "Feel Good Blogging Challenge". I was sick for a couple of days, but I'm back on track and I plan to see this blogging challenge through! Today's challenge is to write a tutorial...

Since senior year of high school started life has been super crazy. Most of you know that I work 3 jobs, I'm the oldest of 4 kids, and I like to spend time with my friends every once and a while. :) "How will I fit all of this in?" I asked myself. "How will I stay on top of things?" Well, today ladies and gentlemen I am going to tell you how to keep your crazy life organized!

First things first...Know your Priorities. Honestly, what's most important in your life? Or a better question would be, what needs to be most important in your life? You might surprise yourself with those answers.

Next...Paper or Plastic? Are you a person that physically needs to write something down on a paper calender? Or are you a digital kind of person? Me personally I love technology, but I do better with a paper calender. I have a little travel size day planner that goes with me everywhere. It keeps me on top of when I need to watch the kids, go to school function, or what days I get off of work for the holidays. Bottom line, keep a calender and update it regularly.

To-Do or Not To-Do...that is the question. If you're like me you're probably a procrastinator about something in your life. Whether it be work, studying, or chores, we all put off something for later. To-Do lists help but sometimes that's not enough. One thing I've found to be helpful is an app called "Timeful". (They didn't pay me to say this) :) With this app you put in your to-do list and connect the app to your phone calender. The app then schedules the best time in your day to do certain things on the list. It's a great tool! The app store has many apps like this, find one that's right for you.

Remember...  Not everything goes as planned, and when that happens all you can do is trust God. If you only take one thing away from this post remember to always trust Him.

What are some ways you keep your life organized? 

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  1. It's nice to hear different perspectives on how to be organized. I am someone who is extremely unorganized, and I always need a push in the right direction. Thank you sharing this advice!


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