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This is day #2 of the "Feel Good Blogging Challenge". The topic for today is the story of my here it is.

A little girl 12 years old her mind full of thoughts, thoughts of wonder about her future and what her grown up years would be like. Her parents bought her a little point-and-shoot camera and her year was made! She carried the camera everywhere and took pictures of everything. She had found her hobby.

Fast forward a year and a half. This same girl, now a young teenager, had figured out that she had a pretty good eye for this photography stuff. Her family had noticed too.

Her family (mom, dad, sister and 2 brothers) traveled to her dad's home town for their annual family reunion. While there this 13 year old girl saw a new person at the reunion.(New as in married into the family.) This girl also noticed that this "new" family member was carrying around a very large camera, and apparently was a pro at using it. After doing a little investigating the girl learned that this family member was a professional photographer. At that moment the girl thought to herself "I could do this for a living!", but it was so loud of a thought she was sure others could hear it.The girl was intrigued. So intrigued even that she stared at the family member for the rest of the afternoon. The girl so badly wanted to go talk to the large camera holder, but the girl was shy around new people. The reunion was soon over and the girl regretted her shyness.

A couple weeks later the girl, still regretting her shyness, went to church as she always did. She went to Sunday school and then to "big church" to hear the pastor's weekly sermon. Before the service started she noticed new faces in the back pew. The new faces were that of the large camera holder and her husband! The girl was shocked, and so glad that she was given another chance to talk to this real life professional at photography.

A few weeks past and the girl and the camera holder got to know one another.

After church one morning the girl did one of the bravest things she had ever done, she asked if the camera holder would give her photography lessons and instead of money she would pay her in house cleaning services. The girl thought that her heart would beat out of her chest when the pro gladly agreed to that.

The photography lessons were the girl's dream come true. She learned a lot and grew tremendously as a photographer. She now knew that this was her calling, this was her purpose, and she was never turning back.

As you've all probably figured out by now this girl was me. I'm nearly 18 now and have a photography business all my own. The Lord has blessed me with so many opportunities, and for that I am truly thankful. I can't wait to see where He leads me next! Everyday is a new adventure!

This is a picture from the first "real" photo-shoot that I ever had.

I'm happy to say that I've come a long way since then. :)

G R A C E 

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  1. This post made me smile. I also figured my passion for photography at 15/16. Stuck to my guns = best thing that ever happened. As my mama said to me just the other day as I felt a bit down "you love it? then that's exactly where you are meant to be. never give up on it"


Your comments make my day! No, I'm serious. I'll do the happy dance. :)