10 Things I've Learned in 2014

2:12 PM

This year has been hectic, but lovely, chaotic, but beautiful. So I thought with 2014 coming to a close I would write down most of the things that I've learned this year.

  1. find the adventure in everything
everything you do has a silver-lining and an adventure tied to it. just sometimes to see it you have to look outside the box.
2. time flies
keep in mind that you will NEVER be this age and in this season of life again. savor it.

3. don't tell your siblings anything about your "love life"
 4. sometimes being a good friend means just shutting-up and listening
a friendship isn't just for you. it works two ways. remember that.
 5. sometimes God says "no"...
and that's okay because His plan is perfect. 
 6. we are brought through hard times so that we can learn from them and serve others that are going through a similar thing

7.wear jeans not shorts when you are learning how to skateboard

 8. go with the flow
when plans change...deal with it.

 9. make friends with your librarian...
so that when your little brother loses a library book you don't have to pay a late fee for the rest of your life.
10. sometimes you have to say no 
don't overbook yourself and stress yourself out. it's okay to just say no.

What have you learned this year?


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