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Yesterday was my birthday. My 18th birthday. I'm an adult now, by government standards anyway. My whole life up until now has been an awkward stage, and I'm pretty sure everyone else's on earth has been too. Now, however, I'm at a different stage. I've now reached this stage...imagine you're on a pirate ship (or any ship, but pirate ships are more fun so let's go with that.) Anyway...you're on a ship your whole childhood and the ship is great fun. As you grow though, you get closer and closer to walking the plank. By 18 you have to jump off of the plank but you don't fall into the shark infested sea right away, instead it's like on those old cartoons where the character is in the air and stays there for a while and then falls. Being 18 feels like that. You know that pretty soon you are going to have to plunge into the water, but for now you're teetering in mid-air.

Okay so maybe that analogy is just a little extreme, okay a lot, but I do feel like the fall is coming. I know that pretty soon I'll be swimming with the sharks, and on my own. That's scary, but it's also really exciting. I am so excited to see where God takes me in the next season of my life!

A few things I hope to do while 18 is...graduate highschool, skydive, go out west/yellowstone/grand canyon, start college


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  1. Happy birthday and enjoy the fall. You'll be pleasantly surprised how you won't break. :)


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