5 Things to Do Your Senior Year of High School

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Your senior year is one of the most amazing times in life. You are old enough to do what you want (drive, go places without your parents, do things by yourself) and not quite old enough to do the stuff you don't want (pay bills, make money, be responsible for children/other people). It really is a great time!

The last day of my senior year is April 30th and I graduate officially in May. The time has flown by! I feel like just yesterday I was starting my senior year!

Over this year I have learned a few things and I thought that today I would share some of those things with you. This is my top 5 things that every senior should do or learn before they graduate. 

1. learn your social security number 
I didn't realize just how much people use their SSN before my senior year. It has been so helpful to have it memorized. You will need your SSN for applying to colleges, making doctors appointments, and filling out job applications. And it's much safer to have the number stored in your head rather than having the card stored in your purse.

2. master basic car maintenance  
Soon you will moving out, getting a job, maybe going to college. Your dad and or brother isn't going to be around to help you when you have car trouble, so learning simple things like changing a tire and checking oil can be a lifesaver. Learn about your car. If your car starts acting differently don't ignore it, get it looked at by a pro.

3. completely and confidently learn how to drive
Maybe this isn't a problem for city kids, but for us country folk driving in big cities and on the interstate is hardly ever necessary. Driving on the interstate and in bigger cities is something you have to learn before you leave home. I was super scared of the interstate before this year, now I can drive it just fine. GPS will become your best friend.

4. live it up
I'm not saying go against your parents' wishes on anything, but do things that you would never have done before. Dye your hair, go on a mission trip, run a 5k, skydive, go on a roadtrip, volunteer, take an art class, learn to do something new!!

5. get a part-time job
You are going to have to get a job when you leave home so you might as well learn about the business world now. Learning how to fill out a job application, and how to act in an interview is something you can master now before you head off into the world. Another plus to getting a job your senior year is having a little extra cash to save up for college and spend on outings with your friends.

What are some things you think are important to learn/do your senior year?

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  1. Summer-Rayne2/10/2016 11:22 PM

    Hey just want to say it is my last year too! I hope you have a great life and I hope you become successful in life! I just want to say one thing before you leave from high school make it the best year of your life and smile everyday as you go through these last few months. I know that it will be hard saying goodbye but really when you go I'm sure that you will make great choices. I hope that this has made a little difference in your life from reading this!:P Just about every blog I see that are becoming seniors I try to leave one great quote. Here is one for you: Today's special moments are tomorrows memories-Walt Disney. I hope you enjoy this lol.


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