God's Plan Was Better Than Mine...

12:49 PM

My dream, since forever it seems like, has been to go to Southeastern (a local university). I don't know why I have always been drawn to this school. Maybe it's because it's one of the cheaper schools in my state. Maybe because it's close to home. Maybe it's because I have friends that go there so I knew I wouldn't be lonely. For whatever reason I have always dreamed of going to SLU.

After taking the ACT repeatedly and never quite reaching SLU's requirements for math I decided to look into other options. I found out that they have a test called COMPASS. This is really a placement test to see if you know the material. It was the only option I had left if I was set on going to the college of my dreams. Long story not so short, I failed.

I was crushed. I had worked so hard. I had prayed, I had studied, and it still wasn't good enough. I wasn't good enough. Almost two years of working my backside off for nothing. I barely made it out the school doors after I received my test results before I started crying. Good thing I parked on the farthest side of the parking lot because when I got to my car all you-know-what broke loose. I was so mad at God. I'm glad that I don't carry bricks in my car because I'm pretty sure I would have thrown it at something...or someone. I screamed and cried. "Why God??!! I have worked so freaking hard! Why are you doing this to me??!"  I'm glad no one saw me in that state. I think it would have been quite embarrassing.

After my cry and a good yelling I went over to my friend's apartment. My other friend met me there. I keep a brave face until they asked how the test went. It's so good to have friends that don't mind you breaking out in tears and looking like a hot mess while you do it. They listened to my hopes, my fears, and my life goals. They told me exactly what I needed to hear. They gave me words of encouragement, advice, and gentle truths. Everyone needs friends like that.

One of my friends mentioned a community college (Northshore Tech) down the road from Southeastern that I might could get in to and then transfer later on down the road. I really liked the idea. So when I got home I looked into it.

Turns out Northshore is affiliated with Southeastern. You take all your classes on Southeastern's campus. You get a SLU student ID. You are allowed to use all of SLU's resources such as the library, textbook rental, dining plan, and you even get in to all the sporting events for free! The best part about this is that my TOPS (Louisiana financial aid) should pay for the first two years of my tuition! Then I can easily transfer everything over to Southeastern. So technically I would be considered a Northshore student, but I would really be a Southeastern student.

God knew what He was doing letting me fail the COMPASS test and score low on all those ACTs. If I wouldn't have failed I would have never known about Northshore.

I applied and was accepted to Northshore this week!!

What I learned from this situation is that God's plan for you is a zillion times better than anything you could have dreamed of! I didn't even know that Northshore existed before this week!! I am in total awe.

G R A C E 

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  1. you learned a very valuable lesson Grace! it probably won't be the last time you have these type questions, but how awesome that you do know where to find the answer. You are one special lady.


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