How to Make Floating PomPoms

7:05 PM

I am currently planning my graduation party so lately I've been looking for hanging decorations. I looked on a lot of sites and I found a trend...hanging decorations are NOT cheap, especially if you have to pay for shipping. I started looking on pinterest for other options. I came across this. I've tried Martha Steward things and...well let's just say they didn't turn out so well. This looked easy enough so I tried it. IT IS THE EASIEST THING EVER! These are so perfect for a girl's bedroom or party decor.

Supplies you'll need:

8 pieces of tissue paper
fishing line

Step 1: stack the pieces of tissue paper and fold them into a fan
Step 2: place the wire in the center of the fan and secure it
Step 3: make a circle at the top with the wire (this is for hanging it up later on)
Step 3: cut the ends like this
Step 4: fan the ends out
Step 5: pull every row out to make into a flower

Step 6: fluff as needed
Step 7: hang with fishing line

These are SO easy to make and the best part is they are cheap! 


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  1. Awesome- these would be great for weddings/bridal showers too! Thanks for sharing!!


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